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Angie Romero


[ May Issue ]    A Course in Miracles


Within this incredible issue, you will receive empowering articles from all of our experts as we talk about A Course in Miracles.  Plus, you will receive a special link to listen in on personal one-on-one conversations I had with them.

Table of Contents for this issue include:

What is A Course in Miracles?  by Angie Romero 

How to Accept Atonement by Rev. Pamela Whitman

Why we are Reluctant to Love Ourselves by Barret Hedeen

How to Find Peace in Anxious Times by Corinne Zupko, Ed.S.

De-Masking the Ego by Brian Sheen, Ph.D.

A Miracle Ouch! by Marcia Grace

Five Ways I Open Myself to Be Healed by Craig Villarrubia

Happier Healthier Women is dedicated to re-ignite that divine feminine that resides within you. To help you live your life in true happiness and health (be it emotional, spiritual or physical).  It is time to fully integrate both ancient and modern knowledge of body, mind and soul to empower you into the woman you are meant to be.